Are You Advertising A Big Event?

6 July 2018
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Are you a member of a club or of an organization that sponsors a big event every year? For example, perhaps your organization hosts a charity event that raises money for worthwhile causes, either in your area or anywhere else in the world where the money is needed. It might even be that your church is trying to enlist individuals who will later on be part of clean-up teams after a disaster has hit, either right in your home town, or elsewhere. Read More 

3 Tips For Effective Postcard Marketing

25 March 2018
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Many businesses neglect direct mailings as an outdated way of marketing. Direct mailings in the form of postcards can be helpful in gaining new customers or encouraging previous customers to return. The effectiveness of your postcards will depend on how you utilize them. Strategize Direct mailings works best when you start with a good plan. You should start by determining your audience, so you are targeting the right demographic. For example, many companies have an email list they have formulated through their website. Read More 

Five Tips For Making Better Political Calls

8 January 2018
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Making political calls is an important component of any well-run election campaign. These calls are used to gather data as to how many voters in various demographics are going to vote for you. You can also use the calls as an opportunity to "advertise" your campaign. However, political phone banking must be done properly if it's going to be successful. Here are five tips to ensure your political call banking efforts are worthwhile. Read More 

Four Tips For Creating A Great Trade Show Display

17 January 2017
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When you want to sell items in a trade show, you need to be sure that you display them properly. You want to attract attention to your display so that you can get as much business as you possibly can. The guide below walks you through a few key elements to consider when having a trade show display created. Consider the Safety of Your Products The first thing you need to do is consider how to protect your products from theft. Read More 

Four Things To Consider When Having Golf Scorecards Created For Your Golf Course

8 November 2016
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When you own a golf course, there are a few essentials that you need to have on site to make the overall experience more enjoyable for the people who come to golf at your course. Having printed golf scorecards available is one thing that will be needed for each game of golf that is played at your course. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when designing the golf scorecards for your golf course. Read More