3 Tips For Effective Postcard Marketing

25 March 2018
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Many businesses neglect direct mailings as an outdated way of marketing. Direct mailings in the form of postcards can be helpful in gaining new customers or encouraging previous customers to return. The effectiveness of your postcards will depend on how you utilize them.


Direct mailings works best when you start with a good plan. You should start by determining your audience, so you are targeting the right demographic. For example, many companies have an email list they have formulated through their website. These might be people who are previous customers or people who have subscribed to your newsletter. The goal is to utilize your direct mail for people who are most likely to be receptive to your message and brand; otherwise, your mailings are likely to end up in the junk mail pile. Using the services of a list broker is another option. For example, if you repair electronics, you might want the addresses of people who subscribe to technology magazines, since they would be likely customers.

Grab Attention

Postcards need to stand out among other pieces of mail or they will not be effective. Your overall design should make the recipient look twice at the mail piece. The quality of the postcard can make a difference. Heavy-weight cardstock has a good feel in your hands and it simply feels different from the thin paper associated with inserts and letters. Using a glossy postcard also adds to the appeal of your postcards since the sheen stands out and your postcard is less likely to be damaged if it happens to rain. Try to focus more on a colorful image and keep your text simple. If your goal is to attract the recipient to make a purchase or visit your website, the easiest way is to use a QR code. The recipient can simply scan the QR code if they are interested and printing it does not take up much space.

Offer Something

Mailings that are purely informative are unlikely to go over well with the recipient. If your goal is to attract new or repeat business, you will need to offer something. Usually direct mailings have a coupon code, which encourages the recipient to make a purchase. For businesses that use postcards as reminder to make an appointment or return for a specific service, you might want to encourage the recipient to bring in their postcard for a free gift or a percentage off their next appointment. Generally, offering an incentive or discount of some type will give a recipient the extra nudge needed to perform an action.

Postcard marketing is an inexpensive way to get your message in the right hands. Using direct mailing requires a solid strategy to attract attention and turn recipients into customers.