Are You Advertising A Big Event?

6 July 2018
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Are you a member of a club or of an organization that sponsors a big event every year? For example, perhaps your organization hosts a charity event that raises money for worthwhile causes, either in your area or anywhere else in the world where the money is needed. It might even be that your church is trying to enlist individuals who will later on be part of clean-up teams after a disaster has hit, either right in your home town, or elsewhere. More than likely, the more people who are informed about what your group is doing, the best results you'll get. From radio advertising to word of mouth, here are some ideas that might help you to advertise your big event.

Radio Advertising - Think of driving yourself to work or to other places. What is the first thing you more than likely do? You probably turn on the radio, right? Whether you want to listen to music or whether you want to hear the news or even to listen to your favorite pundit on talk radiopart of what you hear will often be advertising. So, doesn't it stand to reason that radio sponsorships would be a great way for your group to get the word out of what you are doing? Of course, getting time on a big talk show would probably be more money than your group can spend, unless you have big backers. However, your local station might be willing to broadcast your event for a low price, or even for no money at all. Talk to the manager over advertising. He or she will have the experience to help you put the word out. 

Word Of Mouth - Talk it up. Tell everybody you know what your group is doing. Because it is a worthwhile cause, people will want to join in, either by buying tickets to your event, by making donations, or by doing volunteer work for your club or organization. Ask people to help you spread the word. Be specific about the details regarding your event, including the date, place, and time that it will take place. Think of a catchy phrase that you can use to help people remember the purpose of the event and remind them it's happening. For example, Be A Part Of The Solution or Together We Can Make A Difference might be words that will touch somebody's heart enough to want to be part of your project.