A Few Tips From Marketing Strategy Experts

13 December 2019
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Marketing your business may not be your favorite part of your job, but it is probably one of the most important. Without a good marketing strategy, your business will never grow beyond people you know and a bit of walking and drive-by traffic. You need to get your name, brand, and product/service out to the general public, and in today's world, that means all over the world. The internet makes it possible to do business across the globe, and you want to take advantage of this. Here are a few tips from marketing strategy experts.

Social Media

Take advantage of all the different social media platforms. However, you need to be friendly and empathetic in your posts. Offer advice, but don't be condescending when doing so. People go to social media to look for friends, to be entertained, and to have fun. Make sure your accounts have more than dry facts. Tell a story, share a good experience, and ask current customers to engage in your posts. Be sure to tag people and make them feel important to your business.

90/10% Rule

The 90/10% rule tells you to spend 90 percent of your time on proven methods of marketing, even if it may be new to you but proven in your industry. The other 10 percent needs to be experimenting. Try new strategies. Create an ad or display that is completely different than anything you have ever done before.


Whether it is an ad or billboard you have used successfully for years or something you are just trying out, be sure to pay attention to their effectiveness. Make sure everything you do to promote your business can be tracked in some way and make sure to use the analytics to help plan future marketing. When something becomes stale and obsolete, get rid of it and use the resources on something different. 


Do not put all your marketing resources into a few areas. Diversify, use all the different platforms, and move things around all the time. Create new content constantly. This applies to social media, radio, print, television or other videos, and your website.

If you are not sure of the best way to market your company, contact a marketing expert. Even if you do not hire them to do the work for you, they can give you valuable insight into what you are doing wrong, and what you are doing right.