3 Digital Marketing Strategies For Creatives

4 March 2020
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Creative professionals may feel like their work should speak for itself, but this is furthest from the truth. Like other professionals you need to find ways to market not only your work but also your brand. There are several forms of digital marketing that could be useful for creatives.

Email Newsletters

You may not see the importance of email newsletters, but they remain an important way to touch base with your audience. Your website should have a place for people to sign up for the newsletter, which allows you to create an email list that could be important for many types of marketing down the road. Spend time planning what you want to include in each weekly newsletter because there is a fine line between captivating your audience and annoying them. Your audience probably wants to know what projects you are working on and even see progress pictures. A nugget of advice or words of wisdom should be included because it shows you are giving something to your audience instead of always trying to make a sale.


Podcasts in a wide range of topics are popular because many people enjoy listening to them while multitasking. Many people in your audience are new to the field and want sound advice on advancing their career, whether it is art, graphic design, or writing. See if you can find prominent names in your niche and have them as a guest or team up with them to have multiple hosts. This way, each host can give input on the topics you cover each week or the guests you have on the podcasts. If your podcast is successful, it may serve as a revenue stream because businesses may want ad space during the broadcast.


Launching an app is another digital marketing strategy that may be overlooked by creatives. Think about what is lacking in the app store or anything that would have been helpful to you during your career and consider incorporating this in an app. For example, many photorealistic artists use color-picker apps and photo-editing software to select colors or adjust a reference photo. Having an app that combines all these features would be useful to people following an artist, and they may be willing to pay for the app if they can have one app that performs the functions of many apps. If you have a large library of information or videos, consider condensing the information into an app so it is easily accessible to your audience.

Creatives need to be equally as creative about the way they market their work and brand. In addition to standard marketing strategies, a unique approach for your niche could increase awareness of your brand.

For more ideas, contact a digital marketing agency in your area.