How IP Targeting Software Helps Small Businesses During COVID-19

2 July 2020
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COVID-19 has impacted the market in many unpleasant ways, including heavy damage to new startups. However, many new companies are fighting to stay open during this period or are starting up anyway in the face of these challenges. And it is possible to succeed by using focused marketing, such as IP targeting software, to pinpoint particular customers who may want to use a business.

Focused Marketing Helps Many Small Businesses

COVID-19 has forced many people to stay at home and limit their travel, keeping their shopping to just a handful of shops. This type of limited business potential is very tough to tolerate as a small business but can be used to help them succeed. For example, focused marketing that pays attention to geographically-close areas is more likely to capture customers, particularly if a business focuses on their safety techniques.

As a result, it is crucial for these small businesses to find a marketing method that focuses on a handful of customers near them. Not every method is equally successful, here. Though television, radio, and newspaper ads are useful, these are costly and may be outside the range of many small businesses. Thankfully, there are many online advertising methods that can help in this unique situation.

How IP Targeting Software Helps

IP targeting software is a unique type of marketing tool that helps to make it easier to market directly to customers who are more likely to work with a business. For example, this software reads the IP of people who are visiting a website, sees where they are located, and pitches advertisements to them based on where they live. Often, this includes changing the text of the ads to make them more focused.

Even better, this type of software can focus advertisements ONLY on people who are located near a small business. For example, it will not send an ad to somebody outside of a specific geographical area, which can help a company stay more local. During the more limited travel period for COVID-19, this type of pinpoint marketing is crucial for keeping a small business afloat and successful.

Just as importantly, this type of software can be used long after the COVID-19 pandemic is over to help companies stay afloat in the face of increasing competition. Remember — this plague will eventually end, and those businesses that hang on the longest will be in a unique place. They'll be able to stay competitive because they'll have built loyalty between them and their customers due to IP targeting software.

To learn more about IP targeting software, reach out to a local marketing firm.