3 Spots to Put Your Advertising Flags Around Your Business for Maximum Visibility

27 August 2020
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Whenever you're investing in some advertising flags for your business, you're making a considerable effort to catch the attention of people as they pass by. If you operate a business, advertising flags can be highly effective for letting people know that your business is situated nearby and, hopefully, encouraging them to enter. While some people may plan their trip to your location in advance, others visit in a spontaneous manner, making your flags an effective tool for bringing customers through the doors. Here are some positioning suggestions for your advertising flags.

Next to Your Door

You'll always want to place a flag immediately adjacent to the door to your business. Your business might be situated in a strip mall, which means that as a customer pulls into the parking lot, they will be scanning the individual stores' signs to identify where your store is situated. Your sign may or may not stand out, but having a flag — likely in a bright color and with eye-catching wording — next to the door will leave little doubt as to where your store is located.

At the Nearest Intersection

Advertising around street intersections can often be effective. People in vehicles, as well as pedestrians waiting to cross either street, will easily notice signage that is situated in these locations. While you'll need to consider local bylaws and ensure that you're not placing your flag where it shouldn't be, having a flag near the intersection can definitely be an effective idea. If other retailers use smaller lawn signs, the height of your advertising flag will dwarf the other signage in the area, helping to catch people's attention.

On the Roof

If you're able to get onto the roof of your business safely and with a relative degree of ease, having a couple of flags in this position can be effective. This placement will not only help people to identify exactly where your business is in relation to adjacent businesses, but the big advantage is how tall the flags will be. These flags are generally several feet tall, and by mounting them to the roof of your location, they'll extend very high into the air — where they'll be easily visible to people even from a distance.

Speak to a custom sign company like Bullseye Promotions about getting advertising flags made up for your business; after they draw just a few people into your business, the flags will pay for themselves.