5 Reasons Interactive Outdoor Advertising Billboards Make Your Ads Stand Out

3 February 2022
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Are you wondering how to get more eyeballs on your adverts? Outdoor advertising works very well in mass exposure for ads. A strategically placed billboard is highly noticeable. However, this advantage means almost every marketer is scrambling to put up a billboard, such that they have become ubiquitous. Interactive outdoor advertising billboards stand out because they encourage active engagement from the viewer. For example, the ad could require the audience to use a smartphone to scan a QR code to get a link for free coupons or shift their position to see another part of the ad. Why do these ads stand out? 

1. Heightened Audience Engagement 

Active engagement is an effective way to get people to remember your ad. People remember things that they actively do better than passively seeing them. With interactive outdoor advertising billboards, people are more likely to remember your ad because they have to actively manipulate the ads. 

2. Qualified Lead Generation      

One of the biggest benefits of using interactive outdoor advertising billboards is that they allow you to collect qualified leads from your audience. When people interact with your ad and perform the required actions, you know they are actively interested. 

These are more qualified leads. It becomes easier to follow up, nurture, and convert such leads. As a result, you will see a higher return on investment (ROI) on your outdoor advertising budget.  

3. Better Feedback from the Audience      

Another benefit of interactive outdoor advertising billboards is that they allow you to get better feedback from the audience. When your ad is static, you do not get much feedback. However, interactive outdoor advertising billboards give you the chance to get feedback from the audience. Also, it allows you to do ad testing to see which kind of ads are getting the best engagement. It enables ad optimization for the best engagement and returns.

4. Memorable Learning for the Audience      

Interactive outdoor advertising billboards also help you provide memorable learning experiences for the audience. For example, when you have a new product, the audience can manipulate the ad to learn more about the product. It makes it more memorable than passively seeing your ad on a video ad. 

5. Novel and Exciting      

Interactive outdoor advertising billboards are relatively new in the world of digital advertising. They are new and exciting, especially in areas with lower saturation of digital billboards. People who see them are likely to tell their friends about their experiences when passing by your billboard and prompt them to try it out. Your audience grows organically.

Are you looking to run an outdoor promotion that stands out? Talk to your marketing agency about interactive outdoor advertising billboards for memorable ads.