2 Ways A Research Agency Can Help You Come Up With A New Product Name

5 August 2022
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When starting a new business, finding a good name for your product can be tough. You want something catchy and memorable, but you also need to ensure it's not already taken. A research agency can help you create the perfect name for your new product. Here are two ways they can help. They Can Conduct Market Research When launching a new product, it is essential to choose the right name. A well-chosen name can help to convey the product's message, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Read More 

4 Ways Selling Custom Products Enhance Your Marketing

26 April 2022
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There are many reasons you might want to start selling custom products as part of your marketing strategy. Perhaps you have a unique product that you think could be popular with customers, or maybe you're looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Whatever the reason, there are several advantages to selling custom products that can help boost your business. Here are just a few of them.  It Gives Customers a Sense of Exclusivity Read More 

5 Reasons Interactive Outdoor Advertising Billboards Make Your Ads Stand Out

3 February 2022
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Are you wondering how to get more eyeballs on your adverts? Outdoor advertising works very well in mass exposure for ads. A strategically placed billboard is highly noticeable. However, this advantage means almost every marketer is scrambling to put up a billboard, such that they have become ubiquitous. Interactive outdoor advertising billboards stand out because they encourage active engagement from the viewer. For example, the ad could require the audience to use a smartphone to scan a QR code to get a link for free coupons or shift their position to see another part of the ad. Read More