How IP Targeting Software Helps Small Businesses During COVID-19

2 July 2020
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COVID-19 has impacted the market in many unpleasant ways, including heavy damage to new startups. However, many new companies are fighting to stay open during this period or are starting up anyway in the face of these challenges. And it is possible to succeed by using focused marketing, such as IP targeting software, to pinpoint particular customers who may want to use a business. Focused Marketing Helps Many Small Businesses Read More 

3 Digital Marketing Strategies For Creatives

4 March 2020
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Creative professionals may feel like their work should speak for itself, but this is furthest from the truth. Like other professionals you need to find ways to market not only your work but also your brand. There are several forms of digital marketing that could be useful for creatives. Email Newsletters You may not see the importance of email newsletters, but they remain an important way to touch base with your audience. Read More